August 18, 2010 12:00

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Professional Traders Wanted

MGB Trading is always looking for remote traders from all over the world. Geography is no obstacle at MGB Trading. Beginner traders can also apply, as we offer a reduced software fee for trainees! MGB Trading is a prop firm geared towards trader success and would gladly answer all your questions and meet all your needs. Join the new trading revolution at MGB Trading by clicking on Become a trader or Open Your Trading Floor and filling out the form. You can always contact MGB Trading at and we will be more than happy to reply to your request.

I don’t live in Montreal, Canada, can I still trade or have an office?
ABSOLUTELY, MGB TRADING is axed towards remote trading, and gives full liberty on scheduling, strategies and managing power. We are worldwide, and welcome you from wherever. We suggest that all remote traders have a broadband internet connection.
I am an experience trader representing myself and several other groups. Can you accommodate us all at once?
ABSOLUTELY, MGB welcomes experienced traders as well as groups. Please contact us for more information regarding trader and manager details regarding payout structure.
What will my responsibilities be as a trader for MGB TRADING?
Traders with MGB are responsible for trading and that’s all! Your only task is to create yourself a comfortable, enjoyable environment, trade with your own schedule, own strategies, with discipline and let MGB take care of the rest.
Do I receive a salary if I trade MGB TRADING?
MGB traders are paid on performance only. Compensation is based on each individual or group and payout structures differ from one another.
How long does it take to set-up a trading account?
Accounts are typically setup within 3-5 business days. For groups once the account process is done, an account could be available the next morning, within 24hours.
When can I withdraw my funds?
Monthly trading profit is wired to your account on the 30th of the following month.
How do I get started?
EASY!!! Go on our HOME page to choose between BECOME A TRADER or OPEN YOUR OWN BRANCH, or write to us at